Theme and Topic


Neclaces could be just a piece of jewelry to somebody but could mean the world to someone else. Their necklaces could hold memories of the past or what holds in the future for them. Some people wear necklaces so their outfit could come together.

I have two necklaces that mean the world to me. One is a sister necklace that both me and my sister have together. Another one I have is a necklace that my mom gave me and it say ‘I ❤ British Boys' with an Eiffel Tower. The sister necklace that I have is gold with a ball that has crystals all over it. I means so much to me because, it shows how close we are together and that nothing can break us. The other one my mom gave me becuase I do love british boys. The Eiffel Tower I have on the necklace is to show that I really truly want to visit there.

I hope these pictures show you a different side of necklaces. Hopefully these pictures leave you feeling happy and courious about the necklaces.

I feel that these pictures show a different side of necklaces that people dont think about most of the time. I truly love the way these pictures came out they show how people are with them and what kind of attitude they bring out of them. I hope these pictures inspire you to think more about necklaces.









Aperture and Shutter Speed


I didn’t use rule of thirds in this picture. I love how the light green and dark green mix together. I like this picture because I like the cloluds in the background and how blue the sky looks. I don’t like this picture of the right how dark the green is.


I didn’t really use rule of thirds in this picture. I like how the light green pops out in the middle of the picture. I like this picture because i like how the leaves look like and the branches come out. What I don’t like about this picture is how I didn’t capture the sky in the background.


I didn’t really use rule of thirds in this picture. I like how clear the water looks and the way hits the water. I like how the water droplets are falling down. I don’t like how the other side of the foutain is darker.


I didn’t use rule of thirds in this picture. I like how the water looks white and not clear. I like how the water looks like its in motion and flowing in the wind. I dont like how most of the foutain is dark.

Protrait Practice

What is your favorite sport and why?
“Basketball because, I love that I can be apart of something and I have friends that I can share memories with.”



Whats the one thing you want to do before you die and why?
“I want to go to Africa because, I would like to make a difference and help out the children that never got the chance to have a normal life without struggle.”



Who is your favorite singer and why?

“It would be Carrie Underwood, because, it seems like she’s got it all figured out and she’s one of my role models.”



Where do you see yourself  ten years down the road?

“I see myself finishing college and starting my life as forensics pathologist.”












Protrait Examples

Detail protrait- I used this picuture as a Detail protriat because the picture focuses on the baby’s feet in the protective hold of the mothers hand. The mood this picture gives off to me is protectiveness and loveing. I would leave it because it already has so much emotion in it already.

Face protrait– I used this picture as a Face protrait because the picture focuses on his face as a whole. It caputres his eyes and his wanderful smile. The mood this picutre gives off is happy and energtic. I would have used the medium shot becuase it could capture more of the background and his body.

Medium-format protrait– I used this picture as a Medium-format protriat because  the picture had most of his body in this picture but yet, it had the sign in the background. The mood this picture gives off is focused. I would have added a little more of the background to the picture and a little less of his body.

Scene-setter protrait– I used this picture as a Scene setter protrait because the picture focuses on him and more of the background. The mood this picture gives off is determination becuase he is do dedicated to his music. I would add a little more of the background and zoom out just a little.






Boston Marathon Hit By Explosions: 28 Wounded, 2 Dead

My thoughts about this picture is horrifying and sad. I feel so bad for these people. They don’t deserve anything that happened to them.

Hollywood Life

Two explosions occurred at the finish line of the Boston marathon on April 15. Many people have been injured, some having limbs blown off. There have been reports that 17 people are in critical condition, three are dead and hospitals have admitted 176 injured people.

There were two explosions, 12 seconds and 100 to 150 years apart from each other, near the Mandarin hotel in Boston, and 176 people have been injured. Three have been killed. At the final line of the Boston marathon, two explosions occurred during the race. Many victims have lost limbs, and two people have been reported dead. Copley Square in downtown Boston was the scene of the crime. There are currently no flights going in or out of Boston.

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My First “Best Photo”


I love how the flower stands out from the background from the rest of the flowers and leaves. I was climbing up on a wall to take it from an angle. I was very happy and sheerful when I took this photo.

I placed the flower on the left because, I was following the rule of thirds. I took this picture by following the rule of thirds. Using the rule of thirds made the photo much better and it gave it that wow feeling.

When I look at this photo it makes me feel happy and bright. I instantly smile when I look at the picture. That life could be bright and loving.