Boston Marathon Hit By Explosions: 28 Wounded, 2 Dead

My thoughts about this picture is horrifying and sad. I feel so bad for these people. They don’t deserve anything that happened to them.

Hollywood Life

Two explosions occurred at the finish line of the Boston marathon on April 15. Many people have been injured, some having limbs blown off. There have been reports that 17 people are in critical condition, three are dead and hospitals have admitted 176 injured people.

There were two explosions, 12 seconds and 100 to 150 years apart from each other, near the Mandarin hotel in Boston, and 176 people have been injured. Three have been killed. At the final line of the Boston marathon, two explosions occurred during the race. Many victims have lost limbs, and two people have been reported dead. Copley Square in downtown Boston was the scene of the crime. There are currently no flights going in or out of Boston.

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